ChrisMillerCoaching 2019 Mid-Year Review: A Game of Two Halves!

Inspired by Greg Lucier, former CEO of Invitrogen, I am committed to documenting the Successes and Challenges of my business journey with end-of-year and mid-year reflections of progress. The last six months has very much been a game of two halves, with feast and famine both being experienced along the way. Here are some of my greatest insights:

The Good and the Bad

– Worst month of the last 6 months: February – low in clients, low in income, running on a treadmill with little effect…sleepless nights about eating into savings and paying our mortgage
– Best month of the last 6 months: June – record revenue since company launch in September 2017, new income from substantial workshops and public speaking, new strategic partnership as workshop facilitator/presenter for one of New Zealand’s big banks.

Greatest Imaginable Challenges (see About Me section)​

– Business – remain committed to strategy of giving away my highest value IP through the Resources page of my website; all clients now on long-term contracts; know I need a ‘bigger stage’ so pleased to have the courage to seek income from public speaking
– Diving – my wife and I both judged (I am now a Level 2 DNZ Judge) and my sons both competed at DNZ Nationals this year and were proud of their results, I was elected to Diving New Zealand Selection Panel and am now leading Wellington Diving’s Sponsorship Committee; invited and hosted Stuart Walter (Elite Mindset Institute) to run Mindset workshops for the Diving Club and other athletes in Wellington region
– Mental Health – current government Well-Being Budget has invested hugely into mental health, raising awareness and commitment from mental health advocates, employers and support organisations; being more proactive sharing / re-sharing mental health messages from friends and heroes in this area (e.g. Mike King, Graeme Cowan etc).

Progress vs 12-Month Goals

– Building up for a big family celebration in August as Fiona has COMPLETED HER PhD!!!!
– Ross and Cameron both thriving at school and their favourite activities – Ross’ rock band performances, Cameron’s caliber of diving at a national level and his very first job as a diving coach is a thrill to witness
– Became a level 2 DNZ diving judge just before this year’s Nationals in Wellington
– Re-learned a reverse dive tuck thanks to excellent coaching by Libby (WDC Coach); little confidence or progress in learning a forward 1 1/2 with full twist…big challenge to get this by the end of the year!
– Still 78 kg, very little progress in my aim to get down to 68kg…any help or advice gratefully received!
– Gave up alcohol on January 1st 2019 – never looked back and don’t miss it at all!
– Client volume and revenue appear to be on track for my end of year goals, but will have to maintain a 20-client week for much of the remaining year
– No savings or plan to double glaze the last key windows at home
– Long-term, pre-pay contracts in place for all clients (except one-off workshop or speaking engagements)
– February 2019 – Peter Cook offered to send me a free copy of The Thought Leaders Practice; met him and attended a breakfast briefing that same month; read the book in April, changed my business substantially (mostly Services and Events) in May; record level of revenue in June!! In Thought Leader Practice development terms, I am now a solid white belt with one month yellow belt experience.
– On track to appoint a Business Manger / Virtual Assistant in the next couple of months, which is likely to include expertise in CRM management and e-mail marketing rhythm (White Belt foundations)
– Resources page of website significantly enhanced and tidied up (but remains a work in progress!)
– Upgraded my technology and my brand image supporting ChrisMillerCoaching for my birthday (July 1st – Canada Day!)
– New workshops developed and launched – Strengths-Based Leadership, Work-Life Integration (for any niche market) and Inspiring Performance & Managing Under-Performance
– Launched Wellington Strengths Enthusiasts Meetup Group with leadership and help from Peter (Gallup), Danette (EDJE Consulting) and Lacey (

Greatest Insight or Learning

Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should!- I have followed and am connected with a variety of very good business and personal coaches around the world, but especially in Australia and New Zealand; many are very good at developing and advocating impactful marketing and sales processes that on-board new clients quite rapidly, and usually add maximum value over a tight fixed contract (e.g. 6 weeks, sometimes more)

– I realise that my strength is long-term relationships (my longest client relationship is 12 years), built through shared experience, and adding as much value for clients based on both their Personal and Business ambitions (measured as Success, Happiness and Fulfilment)
– Having experimented with a few ‘quick win’ schemes with very poor results, I am now focusing on building trust and leveraging value with my current network of clients AND anyone who already knows and trusts me to potentially become their Coach!

I am loving the journey, and very happy to honour my own evolution as the seasons and years pass.

Looking forward to the next update in early January 2020!!


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