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About Me – Christopher Miller

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Business and Personal Coaching

Born on Canada Day in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1971, I grew up in a Navy family, experiencing diverse cultures across Canada and the United Kingdom. My journey led me to obtain a BScH in Life Sciences from Queen’s University and an MBA in Health Services Management from McMaster University, where I was honoured as the Valedictorian. Kicking off my professional career in the pharmaceutical industry, I gained invaluable experience in sales and marketing, including managing a wide range of women’s health & biotechnology products.

Following a move from the UK to New Zealand, I joined Results.com, a leading business coaching company working closely with small business owners. I then transitioned to Gallup, a renowned global management consulting firm, where I spearheaded employee engagement and CliftonStrengths culture change programs in New Zealand.

In September 2017, I established a coaching and mentoring practice that supports small business owners, CliftonStrengths coaches, and organisations seeking strengths-based culture change through pursuing exceptional businesses and lives.

In July 2021, following a year-long battle with brain cancer, my wife Fiona tragically passed away.  Her passing dramatically shaped my book, The Joy of Finding FISH – a journey of fulfilment, inspiration, success and happiness which is much rawer than I originally intended. The experience of losing my life partner has significantly influenced the care and compassion I bring to my client relationships, and plays a big role in the way I prioritise my family’s needs.

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