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Focus on you today, for success tomorrow

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Set up your practice for the future with specialist coaching built for health care professionals.


Business of Strengths Based Health care calibrates the strengths of your team in order to pivot and thrive. By lifting people around their unique strengths and contributions, you will launch your team into an orchestrated powerhouse, while establishing a positive workplace culture to be proud of.

The Business of Strengths-Based Health Care programme is tailored for Health Care professionals by developing your unique talents, enhancing personal growth so you can kick-start organisation growth and performance.

  • Learn to leverage the strengths of you and your team so you can create YOUR point of difference and identify your long-term exit strategy
  • Building culture through core purpose and values
  • Patient-centred service delivery
  • Finding and promoting your unique point of difference
  • Strengths-based team building
  • Expanding your intellectual property potential
  • Profit AND contribution


Personal Benefits

Practice Benefits

Add value into your life by living your personal purpose and mission. Learn to champion a personal goal to overcome your greatest imaginable challenge.

Learn to harness your greatest strengths to succeed in the workplace, become a strong leader and constantly inspire a team for long term success.

Build a practice you are proud of.

about me

We are only as fulfilled as our latest Greatest Imaginable Challenge.

I discovered my passion and purpose in coaching. Following a 10-year career in management consulting, I dared to set up my strengths-based leadership practice. I am clear about my purpose and values throughout my life and the realisation that we are all only as fulfilled as our most recent imaginable challenge. I use these principles, along with strengths-based development, as the cornerstones of my coaching for both individuals and businesses.

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