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Join me for a variety of business and practice development events aimed at lifting fulfilment, inspiration, success and happiness (FISH) in life and work.

Whether you’re a passionate learner, a creative soul, or an industry professional, my events offer a platform for insight, connection, and personal growth.

Immerse yourself in unforgettable experiences that will leave you inspired and motivated to take your business to new heights. From informative workshops to engaging panel discussions, my business development events are designed to provide valuable resources and foster meaningful new networks.

Discover the power of networking and strategic partnerships as you engage with fellow entrepreneurs and industry experts. Stay ahead of the curve by attending my current events, where you can gain industry knowledge, unlock opportunities, and accelerate your business’s success.

Webinar | Strengths-Based, Heart-Centred Leadership

Upcoming Sessions:

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What would it mean to bring the best version of yourself to work and to life?

How can you balance what is in your head, heart and gut to make exceptional decisions?

What natural talents do you have that you are perhaps under-utilising or ignoring?

This one-hour online workshop will explore how to identify what you love most in life and work, and how to experience more of this every day in the way you offer leadership to others. A strengths-based approach to leading an organisation will also be discussed in detail, beginning with the strengths of the owner / leader. Participants will leave with a meaningful action plan to live Strengths-Based, Heart-Centred Leadership in their daily lives, a new vocabulary to be able to express their natural talents, and clarity about what they love most in life and work.

For connection of interaction, participation will be limited to 10 leaders per session.

Upcoming Sessions:
Friday 30th August | 10am

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