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Experience the transformative power of my public speaking and event facilitation engagements, where I inspire audiences with a diverse range of compelling topics. I pride myself on raw honesty and authenticity, helping an audience really reflect on what it means to live a life well-lived.

Unleash the Power of Fulfilment, Inspiration, Success, and Happiness! Experience a roller coaster of emotion including love, grief, gratitude and resilience as I share the story of losing my wife to brain cancer, and what the journey taught me along the way.

Explore my insights as a public speaker on achieving work-life integration for business owners, where I help you balance personal and professional spheres for greater harmony and well-being.

As a public speaker, I specialise in delivering strengths-based culture change within organisations. Discover how I can help you foster lasting and positive cultural transformation.

In my public speaker keynote, I share strategies for building a strengths-based practice that leads to exponential practice growth and success.

Join me on a journey of discovering your Greatest Imaginable Challenge. Imagine a life where you capitalise on your strengths and pursue your passions daily, adding immeasurable value to yourself and those around you.

The Joy of Finding FISH | Live Keynote

During this engaging keynote, I will share with you practical insights, powerful strategies, and captivating stories that will reignite your enthusiasm for what you do. Drawing from my extensive experience as a successful business coach and the principles outlined in the renowned book “The Joy of Finding FISH! – A Journey of Fulfilment, Inspiration, Success, and Happiness” I will empower you to create a positive and thriving life of pure joy. 

The Joy of Finding FISH | About FISH

Dive into the captivating world of what FISH and join me on a transformative journey like no other. In this insight, I will take you on a deep dive into the principles outlined in the renowned book “The Joy of Finding FISH! – A Journey of Fulfillment, Inspiration, Success, and Happiness.”

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