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The Joy of Finding FISH

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The Joy of Finding Fish Application is a pulse check in fulfilment, inspiration, success and happiness every day.

Track your FISH (Fulfilment, Inspiration, Success and Happiness) score that frames the context of your most recent day to see your scores over extended periods to align with your purpose and mission within different frameworks to highlight balance overcome challenges.

What becomes incredibly insightful is the answers to the open-ended questions, which begin to build a picture of what activities, moments, and experiences contribute to your feelings of fulfillment, inspiration, success, and happiness. 

Your Daily Score

By seeing how your actions correlate with your FISH score helps determine better choices in the future. 

My simple rule is – if an activity brings you a desirable feeling (FISH experience), do it repeatedly unless and until the frequency ruins the feeling.  It has also amazed me how the most straightforward, simplest, most peaceful days can be a source of an 8:8:8:8 or higher day, just by being consciously aware and grateful for everyday experiences.


Tracking Over Time

 Track the answers to the open-ended questions, which begin to build a picture of what activities, moments, experiences contribute to your FISH score.

Transform your life by aligning your actions with values. Use your strengths to create change. Understanding the process of delivering your purpose in line with your FISH score helps build ongoing personal success.


Understand your FISH score with resources to match your scores.

Add to your toolkit various resources to better understand your FISH score and nourish areas to grow. Through the FISH app, you can view this collection at any time, and your previous FISH scores to better help understand your current FISH positioning.

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