Strengths-Based, Heart-Centred Leadership

Christopher gives me space to think and speak, and has helped me build belief in myself and achieve things I never thought I could. He makes me think and doesn’t allow me to indulge in self-pity. There is great trust between us, and I love experiencing a coaching day when there has been light heartedness and laughter. Christopher’s coaching comes with compassion, real life experience and wanting the best outcome possible from each session.

Work with me

Personal Development, Leadership, and Business Coaching.

With valuable client relationships extending over more than a decade, I am a partner for the long haul, through thick and thin. Together, we will celebrate the highs and build insight from the lows. My coaching partnerships are built on the individual strengths of my clients, and I aim to bring the best of me to every fruitful encounter.

Typically, I work with individuals who care deeply about a heart-centred approach to work and life, and value lifting love in their personal and professional lives by creating strategies to solve problems using their head, gut and heart.


Strengths-based personal development

Every great leader’s abilities are built on awareness of their extraordinary strengths, and the wisdom to know how and when to overwhelm a weakness.

My development philosophy aims to help every individual discover their unique talents, and build a thriving business, life or career that expresses these talents.


Strengths-based culture change and team building

The power of any team comes from leveraging the collective talents of every individual, and creating an environment where each person’s talents are encouraged.

Transformational and sustainable culture change is more likely to occur when it is built on the exceptional abilities of those creating the change.


Mentoring for CliftonStrengths coaches

There is a growing army of CliftonStrengths coaches and advocates around the world.

With more than 13 years’ coaching experience, and 10 years as a CliftonStrengths advocate, I am keen to give back to those just beginning their own Strengths journey.

new paperback + e-book

Finding FISH in a Strengths-Based Practice:

Fulfilment, Inspiration, Success, and Happiness in a Life Well-Lived

FISH (fulfilment, inspiration, success, and happiness) is almost a side effect of running a successful Strengths-Based Practice – you don’t pursue FISH, you experience it by getting lost in your purpose, finding inspiration everywhere you look, celebrating achievements, and feeling deeply grateful and happy for everything in your life.

Leading a Strengths-Based Practice takes courage, but the rewards are infinite.

If you are:

  • an independent strengths coach or facilitator,
  • considering making the leap into self-employment,
  • or you are an established practice owner with a curiosity about a strengths-based approach, this book is for you.


Kind words from my valued clients, past and present

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