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Work with me to experience success, happiness and fulfilment in your life and business

Work with me

My clients and I tend to establish long-term relationships built on our mutual success.

My experience in business strategy, marketing, employee engagement, strengths-based team building, leadership, and personal development are all areas where I can add value to a client organisation.

Generally, my client relationships begin by seeking clarity on what outcomes are particularly desirable in life or business. Then, we build a plan for experiencing these outcomes, and developing the client’s strengths so that the journey is as fun and easy as practicable.

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Clients who partner with me have a great coach and an enthusiastic cheerleader in their corner. I will be your biggest fan, as long as our energy together is creating forward progress in both our estimations.

My contracts usually include an agreed schedule of face-to-face or online contact, and I am available as needed for emergencies or urgent problem solving.


What I offer


My business and personal development coaching programmes are custom-built to support each individual based on their own unique purpose, values, and strengths. Most of the programmes begin with a 3-month trial, and may develop into multi-year relationships.


My workshop experiences are inspiring, useful, and occasionally confronting! Every event includes practical workbooks or worksheets with valuable content to help shape future habits.


My public speaking offers a combination of inspiration, personal stories derived from my leadership in business, and practical tools and ideas that can be immediately implemented by my audience.

Insights Magazine

Welcome to Insights magazine

Insights magazine features case studies in business and personal development, primarily across my wide range of clients.

With a background in marketing, business strategy, strengths-based culture change and coaching employee engagement and fulfilment, the stories contained here offer insights about the journey many of my clients experience along the way.

Enjoy your free downloadable PDF here.

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insights magazine
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