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CliftonStrengths (Gallup)

In my opinion, the Gold Standard of strengths assessments worldwide; participants can invest in a Top 5 or Full 34 Theme Sequence report; recommended for ages 15 and above.

StrengthsExplorer (Gallup)

Wonderful strengths assessment for young people (recommended age 10-15 years, though I have successfully used with clients as young as 8); offers a Top 3 theme sequence from a selection of 10 possible themes.

Incredible Family

Powerful parenting assessment that is beautifully complimentary to other strengths tools.


Very accessible adaptation of the original Myers Briggs theories and my profile has remained very stable over a long period of time.

Builder Profile 10 (Gallup)

Excellent and very relevant assessment for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

SIMA - The System for Identifying Motivated Abilities® (SIMA®)

The System for Identifying Motivated Abilities® (SIMA®) is a proprietary, non-psychological, qualitative process for clearly identifying a person’s innate giftedness—their motivated strengths, interests, contextual circumstances, preferred roles, and motivational drives.

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