Leading a Strengths-Based Practice


Grow in a way personal to YOU!

The following programme is intended to offer mentoring support to practice owners worldwide who are running their own independent strengths-based coaching and facilitation practice. It may also be useful to any professional considering setting up on their own to deliver strengths-based coaching and facilitation services.

10 sessions can be delivered over 10 weeks or 10 months via Zoom or in person. The programme is further supported by unlimited phone, email and text mentoring for the duration of the agreement.

  • Creating your Strengths-Based Purpose
  • Living your Strengths-Based Values
  • Optimising Strengths-Based Delivery (Leveraging your Strengths-Based coaching style, Refining your Strengths-Based facilitation style)
  • Establishing a practice rhythm
  • Implementing Strengths-Based Marketing
  • Maximising Strengths-Based Selling
  • Pursuing your Greatest Imaginable Challenge
  • Finding FISH (fulfilment, inspiration, success and happiness) in a Strengths-Based Practice
  • Leaving a Legacy
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