Unlock Your Team's Potential

Leading a Strengths-Based Practice Experience

Elevate Your Practice with Strengths-Based Leadership and Partnerships

Unlock your team’s potential with our Strengths-Based Practice workshop and Strengths-Based Partnerships program. Designed for small business leaders and dynamic duos within a practice, these programs help you leverage individual and collective strengths. Both include CliftonStrengths assessments, personalized consultations, and collaborative sessions to enhance productivity and success. Elevate your practice and partnerships with our expert guidance and comprehensive resources.

Leading a Strengths-Based Practice Experience

Are you leading a very small business or practice? (Less than 3 employees) Would you love to know how to leverage your own talents as Practice Owner, and the talents of your team?

Leveraging Strengths-Based Partnerships

In any organisation, powerful and complementary partnerships are often the key to success. Whether it is two members of the same team, a leader-follower relationship, or fully accessing the talents of an Executive Assistant, this package is aimed at lifting relationships, productivity and impact within a partnership.


Leadings a Strengths-Based Practice Experience

This experience includes:

  • CliftonStrengths assessments for you and your team members
  • 1-hour private consultation for each person, identifying how to lift their strengths in their specific role
  • 1-hour group session (virtual on the last Friday of the month at 2pm NZST) exploring how the practice/business strengths all fit together, including aiming at a current commercial challenge
  • Investment is $650 NZD per person (+gst in New Zealand), or $550 NZD if the individual already has their strengths assessment completed

Please reach out for additional details or to book your experience! 


Leveraging A Strengths-Based Partnership

The programme includes:

  • Two individual CliftonStrengths assessments
  • 1 hour personal debriefs for each member of the partnership
  • 1 hour group call to identify how to leverage the talents in the partnership
  • Summary table assessing the Top 10 themes of each member in the partnership
  • All sessions recorded and stored in Zoom for future referral
  • Complimentary copy of Finding FISH in a Strengths-Based Practice; Joy of Finding FISH and Finding FISH in Life & Business Workbook; FISH Journal & pen (for both members of the partnership)

Investment for all of the above is $2500 NZD (+gst in New Zealand). Please reach out for additional details or to book this programme!

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