Inspiring, Strengths-Based Workshops

Christopher’s workshop experiences are inspiring, useful, and sometimes confronting! Each event includes practical workbooks or worksheets with valuable content to help participants shape their future habits.

Strengths-based selling for sales professionals and business leaders

A 3-hour workshop for anyone with a product, service, or idea to sell.

Participants will be informed by their full 34-theme sequence report, and a tailored selling strategy developed from their own strengths, as well as the most prevalent or likely strengths across their audience of prospects.

Participants will build a sales process based on whether they sell best from the heart, head, stage, or work ethic.

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Executing a strengths-based strategic plan

A 3 x 3-hour workshop for a business leader and their team, exploring the fundamentals of:

  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Brand
  • Greatest imaginable challenge
  • SWOT
  • 3-year strategic moves
  • 12-month goals
  • 90-day actions

All participants will leave with a clear list of prioritised actions for executing the plan successfully, primarily based on the one thing each person will do to improve or simplify the business.

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Inspiring exceptional performance for people leaders

A 3-hour workshop for people leaders. Participants will discover the most effective formula for leading others, based on their own 34-theme CliftonStrengths report. Participants will also be guided through a model for recruiting and evaluating the talent in their team, including:

  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Skills/talent
  • Team fit
  • Twinkle in the eye

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