A Day to Remember in Queenstown

The Birth of FISH: Fulfillment, Inspiration, Success, and Happiness In 2001, the year Fiona and I got married, we fulfilled a lifelong dream for Fiona and travelled from Scotland to New Zealand for a 3.5 week holiday where we saw the country from Cape Reinga to Milford Sound. During that holiday, we experienced a most […]

It Takes A Village!

A celebration of Ross’s recent achievements at the Australia Age Group Diving Championships For any significant achievement, recognition or award, the individual on the podium is ALWAYS surrounded by a team of people who have supported, encouraged, cheered and, in some casescontributed their unique expertise to help the award-winner succeed. I was recently reminded of […]

Top 10 Extraordinary Fiona Facts

The challenges of 2020 have been deep and far reaching for me and my family.  More than anything, these challenges have helped me appreciate the friends and family around the world who support us, and most importantly the extraordinary resilience and optimistic spirit of my wife, Fiona.  The list of facts below don’t even begin […]

2019 Year in Review: A Game of Two Halves

As 2019 and a whole decade comes to an end, it has been rewarding to reflect on the highs and lows of the year, and some of the amazing experiences along the way. The list below represents the very best highlights and moments of resilience throughout the year, as shaped by my own set of […]

Becoming a Strengths-Based Family!

 As a Strengths-Based advocate, enthusiast, and coach, I have been very aware of my potential to get ‘evangelical’ about the Strengths Movement. In particular, I have to tread very carefully with my own family regarding accessing, exploring and thriving using their own strengths. Sometimes a day comes along that just changes things. Last Sunday (9th […]

Pursuing Your Greatest Imaginable Challenge

We are all born with the intrinsic motivation to seek Success, Happiness and Fulfilment throughout our lives. Getting what we want, wanting what we have, and living your purpose every single day seem to be core to what it means to be human… Part of Success is the art & science of setting and achieving […]

2018 Year In Review and 2019 Intentions

 As 2018 comes to a close, I am so grateful for: – Loving family and friends, near and far – Fiona’s never-ending love and support – witnessing Cameron turn 15 and Ross turn 10 and more importantly, seeing them grow up to be the wonderful individuals that they are – terrific family holidays to the […]

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