2021 Hopes, Dreams, Goals & Intentions: Building a Strengths-Based Thought Leadership Practice

For many, 2020 was a year of extraordinary resilience and my practice and our family were no exception.  I am hopeful that 2021 will be the year of robust health – personal, local, national, global, financial, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

My hopes, dreams, goals and intentions for the coming 12 months include personal as well as business objectives, and as with last year, I have made an effort to integrate CliftonStrengths (Strengths-Based Leadership by Tom Rath) with The Thought Leaders Practice (Matt Church, Peter Cook and Scott Stein), given that both philosophies contribute significantly to the legacy I am attempting to build.


  • For my family to experience a prolonged (>12 months) period of positive health, free of the dramas of 2020


  • To see the world unite in its coordinated effort to overcome Covid-19, and rebuild local, national and global economies with new insight about the future of humanity and our role as stewards of the planet

Strengths-Based Thought Leadership –
White to Yellow Belt Goals & Intentions
My Top 15 Dominant CliftonStrengths Themes

Maximiser – Improve or simplify my life and practice every single day

Learner – learn how to write and launch a book (working draft – The Joy of Finding FISH – fulfilment, inspiration, success and happiness)

Connectedness – rebuild my mindfulness habit (Synctuition, Insight Timer – Lotty Roberts, mindful walking)

Input – enhance my CliftonStrengths database of coaching questions from 1200 to over 2500 and relaunch as a ‘product’

Woo – deliver at least 4 different webinar topics during 2021 and facilitate at Weave (Strengths Network South Pacific conference)

Positivity – celebrate yellow belt by the end of 2021, and enjoy the journey!

Activator – launch a New Zealand Strengths-Based Patient-Centred Health Care group coaching service

Individualisation – play to the strengths of my team, and build a fantastic complimentary partnership with my new business manager

Includer – integrate my business manager as an essential member of the team, and transition key responsibilities while respecting the professional services of the current team

Intellection – craft 1 green sheet and at least 6 pink sheets for my health care cluster

Belief – re-craft practice values with input from business manager and/or other members of the team; help my business manager shape the purpose of her new role

Self-Assurance – live my purpose (make dreams come true) and life roles (to be a great Dad, loving husband and extraordinary coach) every single day

Communication – listen deeply to my clients, and trust that I will always find an appropriate and impactful next question

Strategic – plan my next 4 clusters (market, message, mode) and be flexible in the timing of their launch / growth

Relator – map my inner circles, and build great relationships with family, friends & clients; be open to new relationships, especially with those who might coach or mentor my own journey


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